Nourishing Beeswax Leather Conditioner


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This conditioner is made with 100% natural ingredients: beeswax from our bees in West Wales and organic jojoba oil chosen for the gentle, nourishing and rejuvenating effect they have on leather..

Apply a thin layer in a warm room and leave for half an hour or longer. This allows the conditioner to soak deep into the leather, feeding and rejuvenating to maintain in peak condition. After allowing time for the conditioner to soak into the leather take off any surplus with a soft, clean cloth.

If used every few months this conditioner will keep your leather soft and supple and will extend its life. Great for leather upholstery, handbags, belts, car interiors, straps, etc.

Excellent for bringing old and worn leather items back to life and rejuvenating all your leather goods.  

Supplied in a large, 80g recyclable tin.

Always use first on an inconspicuous area. Do not use on suede or nubuck leather finishes.

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