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 At Wenallt Hive only the finest Welsh honey and beeswax are used in our products, all of which come from our smallholding in West Wales.  Our bees forage for nectar and pollen across the coastal cwms of Ceredigion with its rolling pastures and meadows interlaced by ancient hedgerows. In late summer some of our bees are taken to the higher heathland of the Preseli hills in Pembrokeshire to take advantage of the abundant heather crop. This mix of blossom produces a wonderful honey with a rich depth of flavour.

Much of this honey is enjoyed by our customers pure and simple just as it is, but we set some of it aside to create a few special products. 

Whole grain mustards, salad dressings, chutneys and marmalades all are made using our glorious honey whilst the beeswax gives that extra special quality to our polishes, skin balms and creams.

We are especially proud of our Honey Vinegar.  Taking over 18 months to make using just Welsh honey, Welsh water and our unique vinegar mother which are gently fermented to create a subtle vinegar appreciated not just for its taste but also for its natural goodness.  It was wonderful to receive recognition in the form of a Great Taste 3 star award for the raspberry vinegar and then to go on to be judged the best in Wales in the Great Taste Golden Fork Awards.  This is added to a first at the  Royal Welsh Show in 2019.

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