At Wenallt Hive we are beekeepers and small scale producers of top quality foods and skin care products.  We believe the way to keep our products special is for them to be hand made with care directly by us using 100% natural ingredients.  Hand made and home made.

Our products are aimed at the discerning who are looking for something truly special.

The diversity of our range comes from a recognition of the outstanding qualities of beeswax, honey, pollen and propolis and a desire to be innovative.  Everything we make is 100% natural and bee friendly.  No chemical preservatives, flavourings or fragrances, no nasties.

We use only the best ingredients and strive to produce only premium quality products.  Our wild flower honey is natural, pure and raw.  It is spun from the comb, lightly filtered and bottled.  Nothing is added or removed.  Our soaps and skin care  are soft and gentle with no palm  oil.  They are made with some of the finest cold pressed oils including argan, avocado,  hazelnut, rosehip, sea buckthorn and tamanu.   Where items are fragranced we only ever use ever pure essential oils, organic where available, for a true natural fragrance.

We are concerned about the effects of what we do on the environment and work hard to limit this.  All our products bar one are plastic free and zero waste.  Where available we source local ingredients with most being grown on our small holding.  Packaging materials are UK sourced where available this includes all our glass jars and bottles.   We take the impact on the environment of what we do very seriously.