May Blossom Raw Welsh Honey, 340g


May Blossom Honey

May Blossom Honey, this is a raw honey from our small holding in West Wales.

We are located in rural Wales where the farming is sheep and dairy with no arable crops close by. This means there are no sprayed crops for our bees to forage on. Their forage sources for this honey are fruit tree blossom: apple from the orchard and blackthorn, damson and hawthorn from the hedgerows.  Hawthorn makes up the majority of the nectar which has produced this glorious honey. 

This honey is thick and floral with the taste of hawthorn.  It is lightly filtered which leaves pollen grains in the honey.  It hasn't been heated or treated in any way and is just as it comes off the comb - real raw honey. Over time it may set, this is a natural process and can be reversed by gently warming.

 This honey is not available year round.  It is extracted in late May/early June and available until it's gone, usually by August of the same year.