All our soaps are hand made using the cold process method with top quality oils and butters each chosen for their specific qualities in order to create a soap which is gentle and softening on the skin.  

Gardener's Soap with Poppy Seeds, Petitgrain & Basil  containing organic cocoa butter for it's great skin softening and moisturising qualities, it is also rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oixidants, cold pressed avocado oil for it's ultra rich healing and regenerating properties, organic coconut oil for its tremendous moisturising qualities, castor oil to produce a rich, soft lather, tamanu oil for it's abilitiy to stimulate collagen production and thereby speed healing and dandelion infused sunflower oil gives the soap anti-irritant properties which make it good for sensitive skin. Poppy seeds (home grown) are a gentle exfoliant in the soap to help remove ingrained dirt. The fragrance is a unique blend of pure essential oils which is equally good for men or women.
Minimum 80g

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