Beeswax Candle
100% natural Beeswax hand dipped, moulded and rolled candles.  All are pure beeswax, with the exception of our coloured rolled candles which have a tiny amount of dye added to colour the beeswax.  We received first prize for our hand dipped beeswax  candles in the Royal Welsh Show - great recognition for the quality of our beeswax and the skill it takes to make beautiful candles which burn well.
- burns more brightly than other waxes
- burns longer than paraffin wax candles of the same size
- burns more cleanly than other waxes
- is hypo-allergenic
- is a renewable resource

Medium Dipped 20cms tall, come in 1.5cm or 2cm diameters (all approximate)
Rolled Coloured Candles 20 cms tall beeswax
Box of 3 Rolled Natural Beeswax Candles 10cms high x 5 cms diameter
Skeps 5 cms tall, moulded 100% Welsh beeswax 
Christmas Trees + cms tall, moulded 100% Welsh beeswax
Candle Making Kit Contains 7 coloured and natural beeswax sheets, wick and all you need to make beautiful honeycomb rolled candles

All candles are priced for free UK delivery.