Honey - Welsh Raw Wild Flower Honey


Raw Welsh Wild Flower Honey

Raw, Wild Flower Honey from our small holding in West Wales.

Please note the honey is now packed in larger 380g round jars.

The bees have gathered nectar and pollen through the spring and summer seasons.  We are in a very rural area of Wales where there the farming is dairy and sheep with no arable crops close by.  This means there is no crop spraying - there are no crops and that the bees forage from the abundant wild sources of nectar mainly from fruit tree blossom  and flowers.  Apple, blackberry,  blackthorn, borage, clover, damson, hawthorn, Himalyan balsam, lime, marjoram, meadowsweet, phacelia, raspberry and rosebay willow herb make up the majority of our bees forage.

This honey has a wonderful depth of flavour from the multifloral content.  It is lightly filtered which leaves pollen grains in the honey.  It hasn't been heated or treated in any way and is just as it comes off the comb - real raw honey. Over time it may set, this is a natural process and can be reversed by gently warming.

In spring, if the conditions are right, we are able to take a crop of honey which comes largely from fruit tree blossom - apple, blackthorn, hawthorn in the wild hedgerows with almond, apricot, cherry, pear and quince from our orchard.  We work to organic standards and do not use any chemicals on our fruit trees.   To distinguish this honey from the main crop we call it May Blossom Honey.  If our bees are producing well and have honey to spare we will have a limited amount available from May.

For the second year our soft set honey was awarded first prize at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show and was very highly commended in the 2019 National Honey Show

Available in two sizes: 340g at £8 and a large 800g* presented in a beehive style clip seal jar with wooden honey dipper for £17 (collection or delivery in person only).

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* Please note, the large clip seal 800g jar is available for collection or delivery in person only. If you can't collect, please get in touch to see if I can deliver to you.