Honey - Welsh Raw Wild Flower Honey

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Welsh Raw Wild Flower Hone
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Raw, Wild Flower Honey from our small holding in West Wales.

The bees have gathered nectar and pollen through the spring and summer seasons mainly from blossom of the following forage plants and trees:  apple, blackberry, borage, clover, damson, hawthorn, Himalyan balsam, lavender, marjoram, meadowsweet, phacelia, raspberry and rosebay willow herb.

This honey has a wonderful depth of flavour given by the multifloral content.  It is lightly filtered which leaves pollen grains in the honey.  It hasn't been heated or treated in any way and is just as it comes off the comb - real raw honey. Over time it may set, this is a natural process and can be reversed by gently warming.

Available in two sizes: 340g at £6 and a large 800g presented in a beehive style clip seal jar with wooden honey dipper for £16.50.