Boxed Rolled Candles

£ 12.00

Box of 3 hand rolled beeswax candles, various colours.

The natural beeswax colour candles are 100% pure beeswax, our coloured rolled candles have a tiny amount of dye added to colour the beeswax.  100% pure cotton wick.

Please note the natural beeswax can vary from bright yellow to a yellowish brown.  This is a natural product and is not bleached or coloured - its colour comes from the pollen and propolis the bees have foraged on.
- burns more brightly than other waxes
- releases negative ions when burning which has the effect of cleaning the air
- burns longer than paraffin wax candles of the same size
- burns more cleanly than other waxes
- is hypo-allergenic
- is a renewable resource   

Box of 3 Rolled Pure Beeswax Candles approx 10cms high x 5 cms diameter